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Re: Don`t tell me the farm economy is bad.

Some say they paid cash and really didn't.  Some even believed they paid cash but had to borrow to live.

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Re: Don`t tell me the farm economy is bad.

Being that it's in Floyd County:

Close to Charles City = future development?

How many wind towers on the 80?

Maybe it was the farm with the "All Iowa Lawn & Tennis Club"Smiley LOL

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Re: Don`t tell me the farm economy is bad.

There was a acreage auction with big homemade hay type buildings and a older house and that only brought $80,000 and no saled  Here`s a snippet of the bill:

Saturday, Sept. 21 • 10 a.m.
Real Estate - 4465 Quince Avenue - 15 beautiful
acres, in a park like setting, some tillable
acres, quaint starter home, barn and out
buildings! Scheduled to sell at 12:30 p.m.

So, IDK, acreages aren`t selling the best anymore.

Over at Floyd which is in Floyd county there`s a big consignment sale and there is a lot of sinkholes in that county.  But there`s a fair number of Bigshots over there too.  

I don`t know where that Behr auction farm was located, but it was probably bought for the tillable acres and the building site is little more than a hassle and probably would`ve brought the same without the buildings.  But then again I don`t know, maybe it had Morton buildings, Brock bins and a mansion...but if that was the case, it would`ve been sold separately. 


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