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Re: Dying Business

I'm 46 and in my secound year farming. I bought the farm from my parents. The hardest thing to do in farming is expand your acres. I farm 600 acres corn, beans, and wheat. I only own 75 acres, the rest is rented. The big dairy guys around me make it very hard to acquire more land. They also force rents higher. But the farming way of life is the best there is, and I will do anything to keep it. So.keep.your chin up and go out and make things happen.
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Re: Dying Business

It's hardly a dying business. I don't know where your 2 section farm is but in most places that is a comfortable size. I think todays farmers are indoctrinated into believing that a non growing business is a dead business. After all that is what the colleges and farm magazines have been preaching for years.


Perhaps the secret is in contentment with what you have and doing the most efficient job you can with what you have. If growth is what you want, buy land outside your community. Rent it out or have it custom farmed or put a hired hand on the place. Local guy in Iowa bought over a section in colorado and is doing just that.


My business is not growing but it sure as heck aint dying. It throws off a good income every year and will even during substandard prices. So instead of looking at the negatives, look at the positives and think about alternatives such as selling and moving to places with better options.

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