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Re: Elevator cosolidation, a good idea?

Alot of things have changed over the last 25 years. Including the patrons. We all want everything done, fast. Used to be every quarter was 80 or 100 acres corn. Now it's all corn no chores and when we plant we want it done, now. 3 -24 row planters can keep one terragator busy. And we want automatic shutoffs on the boom and vrt and want it done cheap with the lowest price nitrogen and chemicals or "we're goin' somewhere else".


Next we harvest , 210 bpa corn with 8 and 12 row combines and we want to dump and dry it NOW so we can be done in a week. And don't charge too much for drying  and the coop down the road is picking corn up in the field or off the farm for free and they have better trucks and they stay open longer and ... you get the picture.


You can't have $8/ hour guys running technologically modern equipment. We need no mistakes. In my book, the coops don't charge enough for services provided. Including drying, storage, custom application, fertility testing. It's expensive to gear up for all this stuff.