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Elevator newsletter decade in review

My county in 2010 corn yield 184.1  bean yield 51.5.  In 2019 corn 180.4 and Beans 53.1   So about flat yield.


2010 Iowa acre farmland $4371 with a cash rent of $176/acre.   2019 $7432 with a rent of $230/acre.


Hogs per hundred weight (I suppose adjusted live) 2010 $66.45   and 2020 $49.78


Seedcorn cost per acre 2010 $79.10   and in 2020 it`s $101/acre

They sell fertilizer so they left those prices off  Smiley Happy  but we all know that`s way up. 

Basically, with all this pattern tiling, hands free machinery, straight planting, 36 row planters 12 row cornheads, high priced seed, our yields went up 2 bushel on beans and down 4 bushel on corn.  "Well surely you made it up in the markets, right?" ...No, not really beans are 30¢ higher, but corn is 25¢ cheaper than 2010.


How do we do it?  Volume!  Smiley Happy


Medium home went from $175,000 to $248,000   Income went from $49K to $63K the Dow went from 10,725 to 28,621.

But if you owned 1 acre in 2010 sold it and bought Winnebago stock, that $4371 would be worth $19,276 today.  Just a FYI 

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Re: Elevator newsletter decade in review

So if you sold that acre(s) and bought a Winnebago-the vehicle, not the stock-where would you be??  AZ? or???

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Re: Elevator newsletter decade in review

Hey Clayton, I`m not a camping guy, my idea of roughing is is a Best Western hotel  Smiley Happy    But the Dow was up 266% during the 2010s and Winnebago up 441% during that period.    This boom we`ve had in farming didn`t come from yields and certainly not from the market prices....I think indirectly it was "Winnebago stock"  in other words outside money that fueled the 41% increase in land prices.   It`s funny land rent up 30% (some say crazy high, can`t make money) but more demand  percent increase to buy it than rent.

They peg Iowa land at $7432, but there`s instances of $10,000-$15,000 still, I guess a pond might average a foot deep but there might be spots 20 foot deep.  I don`t see "farming" actually fueling those absurd prices yet auctioneers swear up and down in 80% of cases "bought by a local farmer".    If I see a turtle up on a fencepost, I know one thing for sure, he didn`t get up there by himself.   Smiley Happy

And hogs $15 cheaper than 10 yrs ago, yet "bam bam bam   bam bam bam" new finishers going up all over the place.  I realize it`s "other people`s money" but still somewhere in the vertical integration chain there has to be a "mark" with deep pockets.

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