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Reimbursement for higher educaiton or technical training is a typical employee benefit at many companies. 


Our daughter who passed away in May had earned $3500 a year for her good schoolwork, by working at Home Depot parttime her junior and senior years.  It required a C average, or they didn't  reimburse for any course with a grade lower than a C, I cannot remember which.  I think it was the latter.  She had to submit a copy of her semester grade report. 


You might ask someone with such a plan how it works out.  The costs might be deductible as employee training, but ask your accountant.  Good idea for him to learn CPR and such.  Depending upon his desires, he may end up in a career like firefighting or EMS, which allows for a lot of off days each week, and may allow him to continue working for you parttime down the road. 


You may get him to apply for grants or student loans, and then reimburse, I suppose.  In community college, the tuition is usually so low, you might consider just paying straight up.  Books are still a B, though.  Again, ask your accountant. 

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