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Evaluating A Wind Energy Agreement

Iowa State has put out a document dicussing the questions any of us should ask or have our lawyer address if  you are interested in negotiating a wind energy agreement for someone to put up wind towers on your ground.  There is more to this than one might think, including neighbor and tenant interests, the difference between and easement and a lease and much more.  Worth a read.

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Re: Evaluating A Wind Energy Agreement

Jim. thanks for sharing. There is a swath of our county that is prime regulatory territory for Progress Energy to encourage solar farms. While some of the issues are different, the overall landowner involvement/commitment is very much the same. People have jumped on these proposals with both feet. The one neighboring farmer with land in the area there is not biting...he says the lease lets them walk away in as little as two years, and leave the decommissioning to the property owner. Very daunting possibility. The only reason these things exist to start with is the tax code in NC being so favorable. We see the industry lobbying in VA for similar treatment there. I would let them onto some post-mined land there....
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