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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Everything that could go wrong with Dicamba, did.


There is no question that dicamba injury across the Iowa landscape in 2020 is the most extensive it has been since the introduction of dicamba in the 1960s. ISU field agronomists and commercial agronomists in several areas of the state report nearly all non-dicamba-tolerant soybeans are showing symptoms characteristic of dicamba, and in many fields the injury is fence row to fence row.

This is not the type of injury we have observed in the past. It’s at a landscape level.


The focus over the past three years has been on postemergence dicamba applications on dicamba-tolerant soybean. This year, though, it is apparent the problem is not that simple. Below are factors believed to have contributed to this year’s problems



I`ll bet most dicamba products this season were technically sprayed off-label.  After what I`ve seen the past month, the EPA and the 9th circuit court did the right thing pulling the plug.   The plug should`ve been pulled sooner, much of the damage occured after they granted the loophole of  "using up product on hand".   A lot of cowboys out there this year.