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Extension Survey for Farmers


I’m part of a team conducting university research (located in the Midwest) about operational planning and analysis in agriculture for environmental management and productivity. We have put together a set of 9 open-ended questions to learn more about how farmers organize their decision-making and oversight strategies, and to learn about what makes this industry important to them. If you are a farmer, or any other manager who oversees productive operations and stewardship of natural resources, we would love to hear from you about your experiences and insights!

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Re: Extension Survey for Farmers

How about an actual name, qualifications, name of university and location of university, and how/who to contact at the university to verify your authenticity?

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Re: Extension Survey for Farmers

the last thing anyone should do is provide information to any unnamed entity......

The next to last thing anyone should do is provide any information to a "take my word for it" named entity.

We pay our taxes and hire bureaucrats to provide personal information.... on all of us.... so ask usda how farmers make decisions and they will provide monthly reports on what farmers are doing and probably why.  They know everything.

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