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FAA Revokes Pilot Certificate For sUAS Operator

The FAA recently executed an emergency revokation order for the private pilot certificate of a commercial sUAS operator working under a 333 Exemption tor movie making.  They got him for a laundry list of violations, including operating too close to people, within 5 miles of an airport without authorization, in Class C airspace without authorization and their favorite, "carelss and reckless".  


The pilot is appealing to the NTSB court, which is kind of like being run down by Barney Fife in a speed trap and being hauled before the local Justice of the Peace.  Good luck.


But will it end there?  The appeal has some cogent points and in any event, what this is doing is dragging the FAA kicking and screaming into the real world.  The FAA has ruled over aviation for decads like the COE has ruled over rivers and streams and like the EPA is trying to.  Pilots have know this and the public is going to know it better.  The FAA is likely to start spending more time in court and more time defending it's actions, which in the case in point seem to have at least a few rough edges.


Farmers know that if you mess with a wetland you are faced with insurmountable fines and most just try to get out of it any way they can, even giving up when they think they're right.  There was a recent Supreme Court case that throws all back in play as SC said the government wasn't playing fair.  Will the FAA run into this with sUAS?


The FAA will cry public safety, some legislators will scream privacy, but business will talk money and hobbyists will tak freedom and this is not a done deal for the government.


All I'm saying is if you are dealing with the FAA you are fighting an uphill battle, so try to stay out of their view, and keep an eye on public interaction to see  if the FAA is going to be made to follow all the rules and if you have any real recourse if you are violated.



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Re: FAA Revokes Pilot Certificate For sUAS Operator

It is an interesting point that drones democratize aircraft ownership and operation, in a way airplanes and other aircraft never did. I think it will make for a new experience for the FAA, and Americans who are new to piloting. The ones that will make it more of a fight will still have to have the money for the legal long haul, though.
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Re: FAA Revokes Pilot Certificate For sUAS Operator

I waffle on this issue......

Onthe one hand, it seems that any licensing or recognition by faa is more than the sudo toy industry should deserve.

They should see jail time for being in faa air space..  (maybe, with written specific faa variance??  for very special circumstances with sizeable fees. )  No different than any other controlled projectile threatening air trafic for the last many decades .  Those laws already exist.


On the other it seems like we are overly fixated with the control of each other and totally immune to the idea of personal responsibility.  Punishment has always been a deterent....  And even though we don't seem to have the stomach for it any more.. no one has come up with anything else that works..


I would like to see major airports shut down for 24 hours every time there is a drone within a limited air space.  That would be effective.  eventually...   solutions would be found.  Sales should bear some responsibility as well as manufacturers selling in the area with each incident..  

Would faa need to regulate rocket propelled granades in air space?  The what about a granade toting drone?

Or a knife toting drone, would that mean the 737 on final could only have a knife as well in its defense?




enforce the laws we have against threatening public safety and invasion of privacy.  If some idiot plants a camera in a restroom we will hang him, how much different is it outside the window in air space??

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Re: FAA Revokes Pilot Certificate For sUAS Operator

There are already armed sUAS in the US and the FAA doesn't like it.

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