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FAUST- How are things looking South of Interstate 80 in Iowa?

Faust- coming down to Iowa this week to meet with my Custom Guys and then to Des Moines to visit family. I am not going to make it south of Des Moines, but curious how things are going south of I-80. Is most of the corn in now? We have Flash Flood watches for the Twin Cities and they are saying as much as 6 inches of rain here by Monday night. My how the weather changes quickly, drought to flash floods.We have had alot of rain here in the Twin Cities the last few days, I even have standing water in my backyard, which is flooding my wife's garden. She says as much money as I have spent on drain tiles on my Iowa farms, we should spend a little and tile her garden. She can be pretty funny at times. Drain Tile a garden. LOL

But give me an update on how things are looking south of I-80. Thanks!!!!