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FBI Warns Of Farm Data Hacking

The FBI is warning that as precision ag data is gathered, it is becoming attractive to various parties to get a hold of the data for their own uses.

Ransomware is software that grabs your data and makes you pay a fee to get it unlocked.

Marketers want info they can use to predict or project where prices will be.

Activists want data they can use or twist against you.


The FBI recommends a strong backup system.  At least you can avoid the ransom ware people and counter any false claims by activists who twist data.  Not sure how  it helps prevent acres or yield data from helping the marketer.

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Re: FBI Warns Of Farm Data Hacking

John Deere should fall in there somewhere as well.  They take it right off the implements computer/satalite connection and claim to own it before you do get it done.

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Re: FBI Warns Of Farm Data Hacking

Ha, ha, ha, this is really funny, isn't it?  Isn't it?  Not funny?  Like Pogo in the L'il Abner cartoon said, we have met the enemy and it is us.


I get all this info on my new Ram truck.every month and I wonder who else sees this?  May they'll just send me a ticket in the mail for when I am running over the speed limit.

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Re: FBI Warns Of Farm Data Hacking

I see those commercials for those little gizmos that Progressive insurance offers to let you use...


"to see if you quality for more discounts"


I have a feeling I would fall into "don't sell him anything without a hefty surcharge" category!

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Re: FBI Warns Of Farm Data Hacking

Nnwe have been running a revolving door at the local mechanic here in Virginia lately.  Four vehicles, needing anything from a headlight bulb to water pump to AC compressor to cruise control to another AC acting like coolant is low...fifth thing came up yesterday, so two vehicles are there at a time. Hoping we wrap this up this week! 


The younger guy who does all the paperwork, so the older one can just turn wrench, explains everything.  Very bright guy.  He got onto the subject of the way apple is trying to get control of cars.  I commented that I am Android.  


Can you imagine a showdown on the level of the cell phone we had to pay hackers to open?  

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