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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

FDA Redefines Farm

The FDA has tweaked the definition of farm based on recent legistlation.  If you are vertically intergrated, this may mean you are a farm and not a processing faciity and can avoid some compliance with new food regs.


Better read this U/Ill paper yourself.  It's only one page but a little complicated.  BTW, FDA does not use the quasi-word "preventative" but U/ILL does.  FDA uses the preferred word "preventive".



The FDA's new risk-based rules for animal food also implicate the expanded definition of a farm. For example, a beef cattle operation that also operates a feed mill would be considered a single farming operation and thus not subject to the preventative controls rule for animal food so long as the feed mill is managed by the same company as the cattle operation, is in the same general location, and produces feed that is fed only to animals on the primary cattle operation or another farm under the same management. In sum, fully vertically integrated farming operations with feed mills (i.e., the mill, animals, and land are under common ownership) would most likely qualify under the definition of a farm, and are therefore outside the scope of the preventative control rules. [3] However, the FDA has signaled that future rules may require feed mills integrated in these operations to implement current good manufacturing practices established by the new preventative controls rules. [4]

It is important to note that although many grain and livestock operations will qualify as "farms," and are thus exempt from the preventative control and registration rules, a separate and forthcoming Produce Safety Rule will implement on-farm standards for the growing, harvesting, packing and holding of produce intended for human consumption. A summary of the proposed (but not yet final) rule is available on the FDA's website."


Don't ask me what they meant by "implicate" in the firest sentence - maybe implement?


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