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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Farm Bill Confusion

Will the Congress come up with a Farm Bill, and if so, what kind?  Both Houses have several versions of the proposed bill, and the variations are plentiful and confusing.


If you thought ACRE and SURE were too hard to figure out, you ain't seen nothing yet.



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Re: Farm Bill Confusion

There will be less confusion as the conference attendees get down to business.  It may be complicated, but the primary objective is to marry the two versions of the bill into one that satisfies both Houses.  There will be some negotiation between the two leader's versions.  In the end, there should be a revenue loss coverage option as well as a reference price option. The nutrition title may not be as easy to put back into the final package as both sides may be farther apart than we would like to have seen earlier.  But time will tell.

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