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Senior Advisor

Farm Bill Wrangling

Lots  of  chatter  coming  from  the  Belt Way  about  structuring  the  new  bill -  -  -


Food  SNAP   and  payment  limit$  seem  to  lead  the  conversation  as  of  late  -  -  -


Dem's  on  SNAP   &   Repub's  on  lowering  income  caps  on  payment qualifications  from  $900,000.oo   to  $700,000.oo  -   -   -


I'm  double  checking  to  ''''' make  sure ''''''   I'm  under  the    limit  $$$,$$$.oo  - Smiley Surprised -  -   

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Honored Advisor

Re: Farm Bill Wrangling

Don't forget there are always congressmen that think that limit should be on gross sales rather than net income.

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