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Re: Farm Debt Increasing

This will be my "I am Spartacus" moment Smiley Happy     I voted for Trump and I will be even MORE pleased to re elect President Donald J Trump...the man keeps his promises and people that hate him, I was never fans of them in the first place.  The first ballot that I cast was for Ross Perot and I voted again for Ross the second time that he ran and was kind of crazy....because Ross understand trade and what DID happen to our trade deficits.   The world does not revolve around farmers.  As important as we are, our trade cash cow came at the EXPENSE of many workers with families too and now it`s time to balance the books!   About the only thing America exports is raw agricultural commodities and they send us back much more dollar value of FINISHED products.


Donald Trump isn`t responsible for "this" whatever "this" is, the fat cats that shipped factories over seas in the 90`s to take advantage of slave labor wages are follow the money!


And the border, if we don`t do what President Trump promised and is now doing single handedly doing, we won`t have a country...maybe it`s already too late when you look at the results of the 2018 congressional election, witch hunts and the clown car of opposition candidates for 2020.


God Bless America!