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Re: Farm Debt Increasing

"free markets"..but at what cost?  Some of you happily turn a blind eye to trade deficits and factories having moved overseas and those willing to come in here illegally and work for less than a living wage (taxpayers make up for it, of course if you`re in the 50% that don`t pay taxes, you probably don`t care).  


The problem with our low prices is an unprecedented 3,4,5 yrs of above tend yields.  And the "bam bam bam....bam bam bam" the sound of new finishing buildings going up all over the midwest.   There is a "law of supply & demand" that is still in full effect, farming is fun golldurnit! and the result is a burdensome supply.  Like I`ve said before, we had similar low soybean prices back in 2016 when it was still believed that an establishment candidate was a shoe in and zero chance of a "trade war".