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Re: Farm Debt Increasing

Smokie and I are not too far apart on this ---I totally agree with his economic view individually.   I agree with his assessment on congresses responsibilities and his notation that they are derelict in those responsibilities of leading our country financially and treaty wise.  Not his words exactly but ....................

But He is missapplying the fax a little....... I see 45 as trying to fix a problem that has been created by congress letting several administrations run with personal agenda's in the area of trade, power grabbing and "personal world vision".... None of which were good for the US.

But we are both in Ks pointing east and stressed over the sheer lack of care for the country and inept qualifications by a big majority of the doo goooders elected to serve either in congress or administratively.

This Chinese agreement (we are wondering if there ever will be a good business deal on paper.....)  Can you imagine a group of 30 new congress persons hammering out that deal...... compared to that thought  ----- 45's attempt to bring us back to some financial position that stops building eternal debt----doesn't bother me much.


It may not be his job to finalize it, but it sure is his job to lead those "soccer moms"  to do something beside passing judgment on each other.

If they decide to oppose the proposed agreement when they get their time to do so, It will be the most they have done on the subject in the last 25 years.....  They haven't questioned the rhetoric of an administration on international agreements for a long time.


To say that one segment of Washington takes the full blame for ineptness is being blindly political......... but it is common to blame the guy who wants things to change.  Especially when the whole country lives on a government handout one way or another.  

Tomorrow I gotta go to the Pharmacy again to pay that extra $60 for meds sold by my neighbor and friend.  Paying that penalty for not using one of the chosen 5 Pharmacutical distributors hand picked by congress to run my neighbor out of business.

Isn't it very easy to see how 45 got elected......... Fix the problems and stop complaining because the driver looks foreign or doesn't look the part.