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Re: Farm Debt Increasing

Since we`re in the midst of a "tell your father, I said....."  discussion, I`ll reply to my own post   Smiley Happy  Okay correlation isn`t causation, in other words the Sun doesn`t rise because the rooster crows.  Or to be a little more blunt, just because someone is unhappy with the results of the 2016 election, that isn`t the cause of $3 corn and $8 beans.   Sure, if we want to give away the store on trade in the greater economy, then yes other countries will buy more ag commodities ...$3 for $1 or $4 for $1.


Here is looking at the world, not staring at a single tree and wondering where the forest is. Look at these WORLD stocks to use charts and can Ferris Bueller tell me where we had $7 corn and where we have $3 corn?


Image result for world grain carryover by year

Image result for world soybean ending stocks