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Re: Farm Debt Increasing

Look at it this way K-289.   If there`s a surplus of horse manure in the world and you`re the biggest producer of horse manure, to sell your horse manure you make trade agreements that you`ll buy $10 worth of fake vomit for every $1 of horse manure they buy from you....I just don`t see how that`s a "good deal".  unless you personally produce horse manure in your own little niche...then I suppose "do whatever it takes to peddle your surplus of horse manure". 


* and no, anyone wanting to take cheap shots, I`m not equating grain to "horse manure"...i`m just sayin`whatever the commodity soybeans, horse manure or pink plastic flamingos.  Study exactly how much "boot money" we have to pile on top of grain & oil seeds to get them to move in the world market.