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Re: Farm Debt Increasing

exactly...... that is why statistics are so difficult to rely on quickly....


Every use of stats needs a healthy dose of consideration and thought.


even the easiest of the "renegotiations" .....nafta .... is a very complicated set of statistics with many different events contributing to every change...(like the first bar chart.)

And for short attention span americans like me, a solid rethink of history...  especially when specific small time cycles are used to creat data.


I get agervated at gov'ts use of $$ adjusted for inflation......... it's always done because we don't like real dollars... real dollars make us look at our mistakes in real cost.


A good joke with a banker friend --- is Jack, can the guy pay that loan back with inflation adjusted dollars?  The return stare is priceless.  Smiley Happy

Time-- and especially the last 10 years have made me cynical.  Yet it is kind of fun to look at a presentation and try to disect the real issues creating those numbers....... I find that many farm related businesses know their picture but do terrible jobs at evaluating what created that picture .... and if they don't figure that out, they will never devise a corrective plan that will work.

Critical thinking is not a bad thing.  We just get lazy when things are easy.  And we like to think the other guy has our answers.


Nothing is easy right now...but we are lazy when we need to find current demons to blame for future pretend outcomes...... we have been wedging our collective fat butt into this position for a long time..... and all we are doing is cursing at the usher for asking us to consider another seat.  I expect better than that from myself and our country as a whole..... especially ag where we still claim a work ethic and personal responsibility and with computer help.................... can still spell them.


Smiley Happy  Have a great saturday night and a hopefull spring...... find ways to get it done and enjoy the process.