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Re: Farm Debt Increasing

That is fine if Boeing produces 737`s in China with suicidal slave labor, so long as those unsafe pieces of junk are peddled to the rest of the 3rd world.  However, if one of those pieces of crap make it into THIS country, we`d better tariff the "s-word" out of those hunks of tin.   


See, you guys apparently don`t care if factories move overseas, you just want your stuff cheap, cheap,cheap!  But when a US factory shuts down and the workers are left searching for crumbs at Dollar General or work temporarily helping a Sears store guys don`t give a crap.  ...but, if global world trade results in your wheat prices being below your cost of production....then oh my God!   "bloody murder!".   Many more times in US factory workers that number of farmers have paid the price over the last 20,30 years for your precious "wheat price".   


China is a bad operator, list of human rights violations longer than your arm and prop up North Korea indirectly with US CONSUMER DOLLARS.  If God forbid a missile makes it to Honolulu or the west coast, it will have US consumer dollar fingerprints on it.   See, this cheap crap like $200 50" flat screens at Wally World you people don`t think you can live without, has a much higher REAL cost that that $200 price tag.   Either you will understand that or you won`t.