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Re: Boeing 737 news

I haven't read it yet but i will, thats a fair amount of meal....


I also read the TPP.   and the original nafta documents in 94.   As well as the endangered species act in 74 and its shady ammendment in 78 which gave administrative power to declare latge areas of critical habitat.  Then more political teeth in the 90's.


TPP Was an attempt at establishing environmental law on a world stage by using trade as a carrot.  An attempt to circumvent congressional power by a US administration.  And was guaranteed to be broken from the start....using US $$ in trade deficits as the payoff,  favoring the Chinese once again as the under privileged child at the table.  Promoting an environmental political line that had not been successful in legislation in the US.  


This realignment with China was coming.... We and the rest of the world could not continue the promises made to China to allow them to manipulate their currency and infringe patent law forever.  No matter how easy it is to make the farmers back home feel good.  The truth is Farm groups and farmers have known for years that the US economy was  being stripped and moved to foreign production sources primarily because of tax law and regulation.  The part labor plays in production has been reducing for decades.

Farmers will ignore economic realities as long as trade helps Farmers.  


And Farm lobbyists will declare every ship leaving (at any price) good for Farmers and take credit, without taking one step in the process... only filling an office in Washington.. and KS if the bread crumbs are big enough.  Those same PACS care only for their piece of the pie.



BA I am more comfortable with Boeing building planes in China than I am with the US educational system building political candidates here in the US.


and sometimes the least productive and least qualified workers are the ones that are paid the most.  I am guessing the GM trucks that will be built in China or Mexico will be hard to tell from the US built ones.   It is all a robotic symphony now.  which means.......

The difference is completely political....  And our Education system is teaching political instead of technically to compete internationally.


International trade is almost impossible to track and a lot of the "data" presentations are pretty fuzzy when you break out the details. Some guessing going on often...

Like if GM buys seats for a pickup that are made in Mexico with US cotton and US petroleum (either in the nylon or psudoleather product(california goat skin)) processed on one side of the border or the other, and steel processed off shore by a third party with US iron ore. If that wash out as 4 sales south and 4 sales is not a remarkable set of transactions.  Yet both countries will count everything that might have happened to pump politics.  Farmers will feel good about a big cotton sale and ignore unemployment numbers here.... Which Congress will hide after 6 months.... 


Stoping there     it is an international economy now.  Technology is leveling the differences.  Poor populations are easier to train.  

But mostly.....  on a business sense we are loosing our country identities and world wide competition is being defeated.  

What good is country of origin labeling if there is only one choice on the shelf or the 4 choices have each been raised and processed by 2 different international owners?  

What is any major producers home country?      Apple?   Amazon?  GM?  JCB?  etc etc   And if we think we know now, will we know 10 years from now?

National concerns by politicians and consumers are being whittled down to elections.  The rest is "do I get what I want"?


International trade data is very hard to verify..... lot of data is just accepting international statements, can we verify the Russian harvest or China's grain reserves or do the Chinese reserves include future production?


Organic internationally looks like it is just going to be an unverifyable labeling issue.... While our press and politician bureaucrats assume US regulations are upheld.  At least so far crossing one border is good enough.