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Re: Boeing 737 news

SW, you mean you trust the Chinese to build your airplane more than a New York congresswoman that less than a year ago was slinging drinks to pass laws and appropriate  spending?  Smiley Very Happy  


Okay about the TPP, back in 2013 when the greatest man to ever have lived was in the white house, some enlightened progressives were against the wasn`t rightwing nutjobs like me (I wear the title proudly) that was against it, it tore at our nation`s sovereignty ....not that those from Liberal, Kansas care...nuther nickel fer da wheat ya know!


But, anyway, this from the bastion of conservatism, the Huffington Post when progressives and I had a few things in common   Smiley Happy   


Interestingly, most Republicans are willing to give “fast-track” trade authority to President Obama even though they don’t trust him on other issues. That’s because powerful transnational corporations want the Trans-Pacific Partnership to be approved. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce stated, “Completing the TPP would pay huge dividends for the United States. The agreement would significantly improve U.S. companies’ access to the Asia-Pacific region, which is projected to import nearly $10 trillion worth of goods in 2020.”


. Free-trade agreements, such as TPP, haven’t protected U.S. jobs.

Public Citizen reported that since 1994, “the [freed-trade agreement] deficit surge implies the loss of nearly one million American jobs.” Public Citizen said wherever there were free-trade agreements US trade deficits increased and in the countries not covered by free-trade agreements our deficits decreased.


Recently, Campaign for America’s Future revisited the US trade agreement with Mexico — NAFTA:

In 1993, the broadest assurance by those selling this model - including almost all Republicans and President Clinton - was that it would create U.S. jobs by expanding the trade surplus the U.S. then enjoyed with Mexico... Now the U.S. suffers chronic $60 billion-$70 billion annual trade deficits with Mexico and by this summer the accumulated U.S. current account losses with Mexico under NAFTA will pass $1 trillion.



Keep in mind, this article in the Huff Po was in 2013