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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Farm News

There are more ways than ever to get farm news.  This site is a good one.  RFD TV on the Dish Network has ag related info.  General media has less coverage, especially less credible coverage, than before but it is made up for by lots of print media.  I bet I get half a dozen mags a month.


One place I use is Google News aggregator.  I opened an account and that lets me add news topics to the generic list you see.  There are at least two that focus on agricullture or farming.  There are many that cover specific topics.  For examples, I follow the Aviation, Mobile Technology, China and other topics.


From the Google News source, I see much more negative perspectives on general ag than most of us do.  That world view reveals that there are many interest groups that don't like agriculture as we know it and they are not bashful about pushing their agenda.

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