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Farm Rescue

Has anyone ever volunteered for this organization?  I've been to their website off and on for a couple years now and must say I'm impressed with what they stand for and what they are doing.  I'm going to try to volunteer some of my time if I can fit it into my own schedule.  Probably won't be able to get involved with planting or harvesting, but surly I'd be free to help with some haying operations.  This has just landed very near the top of my personal bucket list.

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Re: Farm Rescue

I believe good people, heart is in the
right place, and truly help some people.

But, they don't operate in our neck of
The woods, more to the north. I was
Trying to help a family in need last year
And they would not come this far south.

You can view where they go on their website.

Another is fellowship of Christian farmers.

They had a program of fixing fences after

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