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Re: Farm bankruptcies

Oh please don't say bankruptcy again. If I never hear that word again it will be too soon. And please, no mention of religion (I know I started that one like a moron) because I don't want another one week sermon from my Canadian friend Canuck !


You know, not that I am a big fan of the guy, because I don't like big mouths...but I have to say in his defense, he ran on a simple platform of upholding American law and tradition. Enforce the immigration laws already passed into law by numerous Congresses and Presidents of both parties, use the tariff to protect American industries and workers (which has been done since the beginning of the US, the Civil War was fought in large part over tariffs), and put American interests first in the formation of government policies. These are not novel or revolutionary ideas, its what most Presidents were expected to do until only recently. The immigration issue in this country is ridiculous, you have laws that half the country refuses to enforce. If you don't like them, change them, but until then enforce them. With regard to tariffs, Americans have given away millions of jobs and trillions of dollars of wealth all so they can save a hundred bucks on their televisions. They have made shareholders wealthy in the stock market at the expense of the households and workers of the country. You may not like it right now because you might be losing some orders from China, but in five years you'll be selling even more of your crops at better prices because the Chinese still are going to want their corn and beans and they'll have to buy them through middlemen who you will be selling to. On top of that you will have American consumers with the increased earnings that go with a revival of high paying American manufacturing jobs who will have the financial resources to buy more and pay more for your products. In terms of putting America first, why is that a bad policy. Since when did the US government and taxpayers become the charity organization for the world ? The Europeans have plenty of money and are defended by the best military in the world, why aren't they paying their fair share for that ? 


So whether you like the guy or not, its hard to argue that he's doing the wrong things. In fact he's doing what's best for the major cross-section of Americans and if you ask me the only people giving him a hard time are the ones whose butts are still hurting because Hillary lost an election she was supposed to win because she called half the country deplorable. I say get over it and put you country above your party for a change and support the President as hard as it is to like the guy.