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Re: Farm bill

I thought I had broke my wrist early in the year. Went to local clinic got x-ray asked cost and paid at desk. Turned in Ins. Card to be counted for deductible. 15 minutes worth of services $239. Two months later get bill in mail. $30 dollars due. Call on phone to find out why.
Me " I'm calling about a bill I received for thirty dollars from you acc number blah blah blah"
Receptionist " sir that was for the reading of your x ray"
Me " mam I paid at the desk before I left. "
Receptionist "I'm sorry sir but shands doesn't bill you for reading the x ray we do "
Me " who asked you to read the bill? "
Receptionist " shands hospital "
Me " what are you sending me the bill for"
Receptionist " because you are responsible for the bill"
Me " I've never even met this doctor how do I know he is the one who read the x rays"
Receptionist " sir you can request a copy of your maedical records and see his signature on the order"
Me " mam how do I know it's his signature. The janitor could have signed it for all I know, how would you like it if you pulled up to Burger King ordered a number one combo payed and two months later got a bill for napkins because that part wasn't handled by Burger King"
Receptionist clearly pissed off!
My thought about the receptionists feelings? "Welcome to my world dealing with the healthcare industry!" Lol
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Re: Farm bill

Average Cost of portable machine used to perform x ray taken? Between $40,000 and $ 80,000. Now add up the hours on your John Deere tractors and figure up profit per hour on those.
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Re: Farm bill

I've decided to pay the bill. However I'm sending one back along with the payment, In the amount of 50.00 dollars.
For what? an "accounts payable fee" it's my policy.
Just like they have a policy so do I.
And what will I do in 60 days if it's not paid? Turn it into collections! What else!
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Re: Farm bill

El cheap, do u know why the Dems scream for all of these social programs? Promising to tax the rich, so they pay their fair share, all the while the rich handing over fistfuls of money for campaign funds of democrats.
Why would the wealthiest one percent like bill gates, warren buffet and wealthy corporations want to donate to campaigns of Democrats in office giving out free healthcare and subisidies? Because they know they will never be the ones paying for it. Our tax code is made that way by design. Who will? The middle class who go to work everyday for someone else and pays almost half of his check back in taxes each year. I don't believe withholdings should be removed from the checks of the employees before they receive it. they should have to write a check or send it in every month themselves so they actually feel it leave their hands. If that did ever happen you would have brand new politicians everywhere in the next election. Might even see a few hung in the Capitol! The super wealthy knows that the more the gov hands out in subsidies the less they have to hand out in wages and benefits. Why do u think Hillary Clinton herself stated in a debate that you cant give the same truth to the average citizen that that you discussed in meetings with big investment banks? Because despite what she claims she is bought and payed for by the wealthest and greediest corporations in the United States! Are democrats the only ones? No so are a lot of the republicans. However many democrats want more than anything else a socialist centralized government. They want the masses to trade our rights for the appearance of an easier life! They know if the government is feeding you providing your every need you will do whatever they want! They know if they have enough citizens on these subsidies that go to the poles that their positions as elected officials are secure and they remain in power!
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Re: Farm bill

Never heard anyone sum it up any better!    



What we have to watch in this "democracy" is this "one mammal, one vote" as hardup clowns get more common and voting gets easier and stop socialism.  And I know the ridiculous arguments from the left, "well, you like driving on roads don`t you?  well then you`re a socialist!".  


That is a big reason I`m for retaining jobs here and making sure they`re a "living wage", people with pride in their work and able to provide for their family will not see the need to vote in a socialist society.  However, if they are already on the welfare dole, what do they have to lose?...they figure.


Oh I know the Chinese can manufacture junk cheaper and it`s fun going shopping and buying cheap stuff.   I mean a pair of shoes $15!!!! cheap cheap cheap They only last a week, but by God they are cheap!  A pair of Ariats are $150, but last 2 years....but but but those $15 Walmart shoes are soooo cheap!    It`s a tough addiction to break. 


People employed at good paying jobs in America take their families out for steaks, eat hamburgers, drink milk which is good for the farmer.

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Re: Farm bill

Who was in charge during the last economic meltdown?
Let's take a look at how they handled the mortgage crisis.
How did they handle it?
Frank Dodd act. What did do to the new home buyer?
Made it impossible for him to get a loan.
After the mortgage meltdown, became the best time in history for a new home buyer to enter the market for a new purchase, what happened? The home mortgage process was regulated by federal law to the point that it became almost impossible for a qualified applicant or a mortgage broker to navigate through the paperwork of regulation. In an attempt to protect the consumer this bill put the last nail in the coffin for the housing industry, not to mention the small bank. During this time a qualified potential new home owner could have purchased a home for 50 cents on the dollar. ( I know because I purchased one or two during this time) Due to the new regulation it made almost impossible for even a seasoned individual in the housing market to navigate through a new purchase. So why did they do it? The lenders had already tightened lending on their own in this sector. Free market was working the way that it should. The banks and lenders got careless and had gotten burnt and due to the pain inflicted they were changing their business model. They had already decided that they would no longer continue to lend money to homeowners that couldn't afford the purchase (which was happening at alarming rates during the boom)
So why did we need the frank Dodd act? The democrats decided that the consumer needed protection from the big bad banks, when the consumer already knew that they couldn't afford the loan when they signed their name to it to begin with. (During the housing boom, The Democrats motto was that everyone deserves a new Home. I had friends when I graduated high school getting 25000 dollars grants to build their first home. It was called the ship program)
So what did the frank Dodd act accomplish? A further depression of the housing market making it impossible for a recovery. The housing market would have recovered in less than three years if free market would have been allowed to take its course.
One might ask, what does this have to do with Ag?
Well apply the same free market mentality to the producer sector of the farm bill. As soon as agriculture prices went south, Democrats handed out subsidies. How much? Just enough for the weak operations to hang on longer producing the same if not more and depressing prices further. How much quicker would the farming sector have rebounded if free market had been allowed to take its course? A lot quicker. Who really appreciates these subsidies? Well remember when peanut butter prices doubled in the grocery store? Peanuts went to 1200 dollars per ton that year. Now that same ton of peanuts are 400 dollars. Did the price of peanut butter go back down in the super market? The cotton market was affected the last farm bill cotton base was switched to generic base and everyone in Georgia planted peanuts for the subsidy. Cotton is becoming profitable again so what's happening now? New cotton programs in an attempt to take acres away from peanuts. What will happen to the cotton market?

Peanut butter marketers and textiles have a big smile on their faces every time they go to the bank!

So who is really lobbying for our subsidies?

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