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BA Deere
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Farm no saled by Mason yesterday.    Hertz guy says,  "demand for land is a bit in question now..".

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Re: Farm no saled by Mason yesterday/ BADEERE.

Ba Deere- yes, I heard about this no sale on Tract #2 and #3 if we are talking about the same farm. Perhaps the owners have to high of a price in mind and this is why Tract #2 and #3 didn;t sell. Below is the selling price for the 2 Tracts that did sell. I would not be suprised if Iowa farmland has put in a peak price level for the short-term time period. Looking at all the ROI/Return on Investment Ratios it appears they are at a 3.5% ROI Ratio, which is slightly lower than the 50 year average ROI range of 4 to 6%. Of course these ROI Ratios do not count the farmlands yearly appreciation rate. Since 1986 to 2012, the average appreciation rate for Iowa farmland has been over 9%. Of course some years has only been 4%, while some years have been 37%, but if you average the last 26 years it comes to an average appreciation of 9%. A 9% Iowa farmland appreciation rate shows we did alot better than putting our money in a SP500 Stock Index Fund back in 1986. It is a nice feeling that in 1986 we decidered to invest in Iowa farmland than the Stock Market. Guess we have beat out all the City People that just mostly invest in stocks and bonds. 



266�   Acres, Story County, Iowa, were   sold at auction on Monday, September 9, 2013, at the Ames Golf and Country Club in Ames, Iowa.� For additional information,   please contact Jeffrey Obrecht, Agent, at (641) 648-5065

Total: $1,306,000

Tract 1: $12,000/A

Tract 4: $11,800/A

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Re: Farm no saled by Mason yesterday.

there is nothing new in AG land, cash r


It is 1983 again only worse. Rich farmers bought up neighbor's land at 8 12 16 k which is a diusaster

in a 3.75$ corn and 750 bean era.

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