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Farmers Receive 11 cents ON the $

A  Farmers Union  article reveals US farmers have a 11% take home share of the retail dollars spent on Thanksgiving meals ---


USDA  and the  Virginia Contract Poultry Growers Association  calculations were the main drivers in the analysis according to an article on KRVN  rural radio farm news ---


$O.114 being an interesting number ---     

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Re: Farmers Receive 11 cents ON the $

Im sure they are considering the poultry provider to be a farmer to get it that high....... and the gluten free dinner rolls from china are probably counted... the green beans from mexico,,,,,  stuffing without wheat i am sure...




The farm "groups" have the same problem as FSA .......... if they don't count the window box farmers they haven't got much for membership.   And of course all those absentee investor owners.  Have to be farmers or we look like were keeping those offices open for just a few farmers.


I would be suprised if 10 cents of the dinner to feed 12 actually goes back to a farmer, since poultry is corporate owned and most every ham....  Is Tyson and Smithfield a farmer.

What % of the bread served at a Thanksgiving table tomorrow will have been baked from flour in the same house.... then there is another layer of production that needs a cut of the pie..... Dillons will bake most of the pies in Kansas....... they need paid....

There are a lot of ways farmers loose share. 


I read once that kitchens are considered an optional entertainment center in new housing construction.  For those who like to cook and those who don't.  

Well this year we are going to test ours out again as planned, once in november................. old fashioned style.


With raw kale or whatever the newest veggie super food is.





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Re: Farmers Receive 11 cents ON the $

Now that I think of it , haven't seen the Farm Financial  costs comparison of Thanksgiving dinner ---   

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