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Farming More Dangerous Than Police Work

Here's another iteration of the legend of how dangerous farming is and how the farmers are their own worst enemies because the ones who most need safety items can't afford them and farmers don't want the government regulating their farm.


"Farming is one of the most dangerous occupations in America, with 22 of every 100,000 farmers dying in a work-related accident. Farmers are nearly twice as likely to die on the job as police officers are, five times as likely as firefighters, and 73 times as likely as Wall Street bankers."


The article says that agriculture is made more dangerous with mechanization, citing tractor deaths.  Well, my great grandfather was killed by a horse, my wife's mother's first husband was killed by a horse and my father was injured permanently by a horse.  A local neighbor was killed by a cow.  


The greatest tractor deaths are rollovers of old tractors with no cab or ROPS.  Yep, no doubt.  The people with these old tractors often would find a ROPS a pricey choice when they're barely eking by.  I put a ROPS on my old Oliver and it cost about $2000.  The guy with 80 acres and a 560 Farmall is not likely to have enough profit to fund a ROPS.


"CDC surveys demonstrate that big factory farms with hired help are typically much safer than smaller, more traditional farms."


Farmers are skeptical of government.  

"“If you’re in a government agency and you’re trying to think about how to regulate farmers,” Berkowitz said, “you’re not going to get past thinking about it before they’re up on Capitol Hill lobbying like you’re trying to shut them all down. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.”:


Yes, if you're objective is to regulate farmers you might have some resistance.