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Farming online

Hey folks,

Hello. I was wondering if you all are finding your farms doing more business online?

For instance, are you buying inputs online, buying or selling grain, buying or selling equipment, buying clothing, livestock, etc.

Do you have any data or know where I can find some data on this type of activity in agriculture? 


Whatever you can offer would be interesting. 




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too close for comfort
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Re: Farming online

I do find myself buying online for clothes and parts. But I don't like what it's doing to our local economy. I try to by locally as often as I can but I don't fell nearly as compelled to now that my locals have been bought out, or replaced by the big boxes. I'm 64 and had developed a good repour with most of the local business owners and employees. It's something you don't get so much anymore. 

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Re: Farming online

What if the online software worked with local retailers for the sale and delivery? Would that be the best of both worlds? 

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