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Re: Farmland Leasing

Federal and city from (first time) two years ago two tornados that struck within two weeks of each other and then this time, Hurricane Michael. The Airport Authority deferred to the City of Albany (GA). The city says the lease is not valid because it didn’t go thru their commission, however the City Director of Transportation and the Airport Director both signed this lease. We’ve had this lease for seven years renewed annually and yes, it’s been paid, and other farmers have had it for a couple more decades. We now have an attorney. This city has 77k population. The newspaper has picked up the story now. The City has been very very slow to respond. The city attorney had not notified the city manager of the situation. Our attorney has been pursuing for over two months. My husband got some county (we live out in the county) commission involvement and we supply hay exclusively to our local feed store, to our local zoo, to multiple plantations and to several various small farms and horse owners. The question comes down to the validity of the lease. The fields we farm are inside the locked secure airport field areas, we have gate keys, we are highly visible farming, entering and exiting the fields, several cuttings/balings per season for years.