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Re: Farmland auction question: Financing

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SW -  Quick, convenient, although some catch 22's  -  21 century get -by's to hasten up the deal ---


Insurance ???

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Re: Farmland auction question: Financing

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No......your absolutely right ......... it is not insurance.....

One example that always scares me.......... rapid improvement...   A new fence......... could go back to the previous owner with only a title problem.... designed or accidental.... 

The only thing saving title insurance is not many are fileing against it............yet.


I know a little lady that is a register of deeds in a county close to me who runs the office like it should be.  Proof reads every document submitted and says no if owners names are misspelled or addresses are incorrect, etc, etc, etc.   Drives lazy lawyers crazy...been handling it tough for 30+ years...  That county should give her a medal.  I've learned to admire her.

I have been in counties with no oversite .... I've searched documents in 5 different counties and I would agree with that little lady, most titles are clouded by something.     "Lawyers think spell check is proof reading"....  Still tickles me the way she says it with steal resolve,,,, like (if you try to get by me you'll loose a knee cap).


Another quote I like .... "estates are never settled---the living always have issues and the dead never question anything"


Title insurance works because of that premise.

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