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Farmland tiling for amateurs

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One more farm question today from high up in the amateur gallery: Assume a longtime northeast Iowa farm renter has stated that all 200 acres of a particular parcel now need new tiling at a cost of $500/acre.


Although this sort of sounds like the old advice to "never ask a barber if you need a haircut," is there some independent farm tiling expert/consultant source outside of the long term renter & his tiling company brother-in-law owner who can (for a fee) say, "this part of the property needs tiling, this part could be tiled, and this part does not need any tiling?"


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Re: Farmland tiling for amateurs

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The University of Minnesota has information.


Iowa State has some info:


I talked to my local Iowa State Extension Ag Engineer who I have a lot of confidence in, he's done a lot of work with Prof. Matt Helmers of ISU, who is about as good as they come on drainage, and he said give him a call if you wish.


He's going to ask you your soil types up front.


Greg Brenneman



You might also talk to your CPA on how it will affect your taxes, etx.  In some cases, you can let the tenant pay for it in lieu of rent and you can take that all in one year rather than depreciate it over 20 years or whatever the number is.


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