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Re: Faust- 2 Farm Sales you will find interesting

rsw - you said the right word when you made this post "Grundy County" once considered the highest priced land in Iowa.   I wonder how the good old boys a speculators who were herded over the buffalo jump last year because of a tax law that did not happen, are going to feel if land jumps 30% more this year.  


Of course "real farmers" never sell, I mean . . . what would they have to do for two months a year if they did not have a crop to plant and harcest . . . and they could not go to the coffee shop and whine like puppy dogs for the other ten months a year.. 


No one I know wants to find out what their land is worth by putting it up for auction.  Remember all the realtors (who don't know jack) scaring those inheritors into believing that the asset they had expended no labor on was going to deminish in value because of the tax laws.   I mean . . . these morons allowed scare tactics to buffalo them into selling Iowa Land.  


I mean . . . this is not Dakota but Iowa farmland they were selling. I mean it is like watching these jokers on the auction shows on TV give the reason for selling a family heirloom. Here is some of the reasons I watched given last night; well I want to take a trip, I want a new kitchen in my house, I want to pay for my childs college . . . I mean WTF!!!!!!!  


These jokers never learned the meaning of Needs vs. Wants.  This mentality just makes me sick.    Adios Amigo. John