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Re: Faust- 2 Farm Sales you will find interesting

Well John! We only pass this way once and if we want that new kitchen  college for our kids, we better sell it now because sooner or later we will be old or dead and what good will it do us then.


You got to adjust to the Notion, John that what you want to do in life is yours to decide. What they want to do in life is their decision. Perhaps you can cpntrol your assets after death but let them live the way they choose to live.


Our iowa land was our dream not our kids and if they want to do something dfferent, so be it.  But then I think is is a good idea for parents to stay financially strong so that they can be the family safety net should there need to be one. As for the kids, go ye forth and build your own estate, empire or wealth. Don't waste your life yearning for dad's and mom's.