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Faust- Planting for 2013/Population Rates per Acre

Faust- my Custom Operators think they can start planting corn by the end of next week. Are any of you guys south of I-80 doing any planting yet? I decided to stay with a pop rate of around 35,500 to 38,500/acre. That could be a little mistake if the drought does continue in 2013, time will tell. What pop rate are you south of I-80 guys doing? The 38,500/acre pop rate is going in on my best farm, it has around a 91 CSR, and I have put alot of drainage tile on this 160 acre field. This 91 CSR piece of dirt was the 1st farm I bought back in 1986, and I love to baby it. Plus this field doesn't nag me like the wife does sometimes!!!!!!! That's why I like farmland as an investment. LOL