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Faust- look at this farm sale/$190.41 per CSR Point

Faust- this farm has a CSR Rating of only 76, just barely CLASS 1-A Iowa Dirt. The average price was $14,471/acre and a $190.41 per CSR Point. Pretty unbelievable for just barely CLASS 1-A  dirt. No, Iowa farmland certainly isn't backing off at all. At a $190.41 per CSR Point, this would make a 90 CSR farm around $17,136.90/acre. Boy, we are getting up there in price aren't we?






167.33±   Acres, Buena Vista County, Iowa,   were sold at auction on Wednesday, January 23, 2013, at the Alta Community   Building in Alta, Iowa. For additional information, please contact Travis   Johnson, Agent at (712) 338-2384 or click   here.

Total: $2,416,742

Tract   1: $13,900/A

Tract   2: $14,800/A