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Faust- some Farmland Sales

Faust- a few land sales, currently there is very little action in the Iowa land market. Seems that everyone that wanted to sell did it in 2012 to try and beat that possible tax increase. The sale at $14,800/acre worked out to be $197 per CSR Point, pretty lofty dollars per CSR Point. I am thinking around another 20% increase in Iowa farmland values, which is $2,800/acre on 75+ CSR Rated dirt in 2013. I must say at these prices, we look good on our net worth statements for the banks if we want to borrow some money, otherwise, it really doesn't do much if we don't plan on selling any, just a paper gain is all. 



Floyd County, IA

  • 321 acres sold      for $3,755,700.00 ($11,700.00/A)
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


167.33±   Acres, Buena Vista County, Iowa,   were sold at auction on Wednesday, January 23, 2013, at the Alta Community   Building in Alta, Iowa. For additional information, please contact Travis   Johnson, Agent at (712) 338-2384  .  

Total: $2,416,742

Tract   1: $13,900/A

Tract   2: $14,800/A

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Re: Faust- some Farmland Sales

rsw - things are pretty quiet here in the rural backwater, not many land sales other than "billy goat country" being purchased by deer hunters running about $2500 an acre for timber and brush.  Your post is interesting, it now only takes a good 80 to make a fella a millionaire here in the rural backwater.  Maybe its time to pick up a winter place in Rancho Mirage, California. LMAO!  John 

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Re: Faust- some Farmland Sales/Iowa Weather Question Too

Yes Faust, I still remember buying two, 80 acre farms in 1988 for something like $90,000 per farm. Now takes at least $1,000,000 or even $1,200,000 to buy a good quality 80. Another sale below, it was a big one, over $7 Million, and it was just high Class 2 soil types, CSR's in the low 70's I believe.Say, are you in Des Moines now? My mother lives in West Des Moines and was going to drive 40 miles south of Des Moines to visit a friend this afternoon. I told her not to drive today because the weather looks bad for Southern Iowa. Is it snowing yet and how much snow are you supposed to get?



567 Acres, Dallas County, IA


Price: $7,087,500.00



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