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Fertilizer price situation

So, what are fertilizer prices doing in your neck of the woods? Everybody have all your N booked for this spring or do you think prices will fall a bit? Just chatted with Gary Schnitkey at the University of Illinois and he said there's some "softening" of prices at the Gulf in New Orleans. So, maybe we'll see lower prices soon. That's, of course, barring any major corn demand spikes between now and planting, to which the fertilizer market could respond upward fairly quickly. 


So, is it buying time or are you holding off?

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mvp farms
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Re: Fertilizer price situation

Prices were up before the end of the year.  Our sugarbeet and corn ground is fertilized but I believe I'll be holding out till spring to purchase the rest of the fertilizer.

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Re: Fertilizer price situation

I prepaid all but nitrogen for next year.  We use NH3.  Manager at the co-op quoted $880 per ton, but advised I wait and pay it later if I could take some more income for last year.  He has always been right in the past advising on a price drop.  That price includes the applicator toolbar.  The rest of the products he advised to prepay.  They were:


Potash: $640

11-52-0: $730

18-18-0-2s starter: $640


Roundup must have crept up a little from last year.  I see generic prices around the low teens or even lower.  Name brand was $18 per gallon.  22oz? was still the rate I believe.  


Seed seems to be a wide swing.  Anything from $220 for refuge to $340 for the Vt3 "good stuff".  Ya right.  I bet the expensive stuff will be the one to flop next year!  


I looked back to 2011 prices, and they were lower than 2012, but surprisingly not all that much.  


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Re: Fertilizer price situation

NH3 quoted ar $9.15/ton. Doesn't make sense with NG at $2.65.

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Re: Fertilizer price situation

Have only priced 11-52-0 bought 2, 26 tons semi loads for $590 ton delievered, in the last two weeks. I have one spread ...waiting on delivery of the second.
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