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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Fielders Choice Variety 6583

For the soils I had it planted on last year, it probably did the best, but am told it is totally not available this coming (2012) year due to production issues.


Did a google and found out the same number was sold as Channel 201-13VT3, Crows 2123 VT3, Gold Country 102-04 VT3, Jung 7514 T3, Midwest Seed Genetics 70505 101VT3, Trelay 5T429, and Rea 102 VT3. The tag genetic variety code is 10059883


Anyone know of supplies available in the other seed labels?


Channel does not show this number in the 2012 lineup, but has a this a geneticly similar number? Anyone know?


Did Monsanto make this lower priced, high performing hybrid "go away"?



Sounds like improved , lower priced Roundup Ready 1 soybeans are not going to this going on with corn hybrids, too?

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M&M Ag

Re: Fielders Choice Variety 6583

They just had a terrible production year. Pioneer had the same happen to them, they had a new high yielding variety for our area and all of their production got flooded out.

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Re: Fielders Choice Variety 6583

Monsanto had about the worst green snap of all the seed corn prduction fields I know of.  I was told of several pivots near Central City, NE that were knocked about flat, and the big P was next flattest.  I'm sure they got all they could, but farmers around here that had bad green snap lost as much as 50 BPA.

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