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Veteran Advisor

Flood damage in/around Nebraska

These pictures are in the public, so some of you may have seen them, but thought I'd post a few, for those who didn't see many.


drifting sand


Burt Co. Nebraska field




A tractor stuck in the sand washed into a field.  The 'dark' tracks are when the tractor dug through the sand, to the dirt below.




aerial view



Another field owned by the same farmer in pic above.

Reports are that the sandbars in some fields are over 3' deep, and in some cases will cost more to reclaim, than the land is worth, even at today's prices.



















A pic of I-680 that will need fixing




A statue in a park in Omaha, NE

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M&M Ag

Re: Flood damage in/around Nebraska

I feel for you folks, we went through much the same then when they blew our levee. We, however, were lucky enough to get a bean crop in this year. I hope things get better.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Flood damage in/around Nebraska

ARRRGH! What a H of a mess!

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