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Food waste in America

Saw a commercial about food waste in America, apparently we waste 40% of food.   Chefs have made tasty dishes out of "ugly" fruits and vegetables rather than throw it out.  The meat industry wastes nothing, Wendys breaks up older hamburger patties and puts it in their chili.  A guy that worked at a locker said they would sell some of the customer`s hamburger in their meat case, but shave off cheek meat and grind that into the the locker customer`s hamburger, a lot of tricks there.


Americans each waste 1 pound of food a day and i read where North Koreans are on an ELEVEN OUNCE diet each day due to their poor harvests, it`s almost famine in North Korea again.


It seems everything we eat has corn in it, the wife threw out some mayonnaise that was unopened but expired in March 2019...if it was just me, I`d use it Smiley Happy but I guess "when in doubt throw it out".   I`m all for having zero food waste, I`m a child of depression parents, so to this day I clean my plate...and boy is it starting to show  Smiley Happy   


I wonder how big our carryovers on grain would be if Americans stopped wasting food? Farmers going broke and Americans wasting food and pockets of "food insecurity".

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Re: Food waste in America

Does  The   ''  expert  business  model  "   encourage  this -  as  countless  times  I  have  responded  to  the  server,  I'm  not  finished,  thank  you  -  -  -

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