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Re: Free Speech - Will It Stifle Ag?

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I don't think the USA owns the internet.  Or is exclusive in it's content.  Or does it have any social rules..........or US laws........  It is strictly controled by me........ like it or not.  


So I doubt a concept of free speech applies.......... we are way into "What the market will bear"  which usually relates to $$$$


If Facebook thinks it will damage their bottom line it will cut what it wants.  There are no personal rights on the internet, not even among a captive group.  It was strictly a "Public Relations" reaction to an event that wasn't worth the media time or the media restriction of the application of the rule of law.  The moment physical violence commence the personal rights need to end.


Living under  "Knee Jerk" law has been present for a long long as the sensational story has sold papers.    And the internet just gives every knee a bigger platform and every observer a bigger appraisal of his own opinion .  The "helter skelter" of the information age.


Isn't it much ado about nothing?... in reality...................if you (or we) haven't got the integrity to control what we see and read why on earth do we expect the guy with a camera or the keyboard to supply us with something good?


Facebook----- two years ago I could see cobler recipes, cute kids videos and bigoted hatred on the same thread from a "friend" on Facebook. I guarantee you a larger variety of hatred than cobler.   Which brings on former friends very quickly...... 

Friends........... I have a few very good ones .......... but what is on facebook is not a group of friends -- I keep that number low..  and I police it very closely because in fact I control what they say to me.  But most on social media don't understand that.  They think everyone has the right to say anything they want............and everyone else should control themselves......... except me of course                  ......... There is no free speech right on my social media....


Greater freedom and more information access means more personal responsibility ................... unless we want to live in a socialist police state or a hitler style government, control it yourself.   And if it eats and warps the mind of a weak person...... so be it...... that is personal freedom........ freedom to make mistakes.... occasionally big ones.....freedom brought on by the power to access the internet.  This news event was not even nationally news worthy, outside of using it as a tool to promote a political agenda.  There is a pile of excrement to take pictures of in every region.... This one should have been left to local authorities.      Unfortunately, it was probably to some degree, staged for the camera.


If we are going to fight for anything these days, lets try to regain control of education on the local level.  The expectations need to go back up for those of us who are not in the ruling class.