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Re: Free Speech - Will It Stifle Ag?

SW, the Chinese government is showing what can be done to control the internet.  The issue is that you can't just say what you want to say.  And the question is, where does it go and where does it stop?


Controlling education at the local level.  Well, there's a nice uncontroversial topic.  I'm sure we can all agree.  Let's see:


No prayer in schools

No religious holidays in schools

Basically no religious symbolism like crosses, star of David, etc as jewelry or on your T-shirt

No religious songs in the choir or in the band/orchestra

Uniforms, like Navy pants/skirt (knee level or lower) and white shirt/blouse

No creationism


How are we doing so far?


OK, next stage:  How about some things as they are done in Germany?


No meals in schools.

No sports - PE is OK.  Sports done by local clubs

No band/orchestra - local organizations

Just education - start at 0730 and end at 1300 and go home.  You can have a snack mid-morning.


Is everybody with me on local education so far?