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Re: Free Speech - Will It Stifle Ag?

You totally miss the meaning of Local..... or can't remember past the clinton administration.    That first list did not appear locally  it appeared when education became dictated from the federal level...


The second list is ok with me if that is what the local community wants........ but You and I both went to school when the local tax base paid for school and the local school board had the authority to make those decisions...... we still had meals, sports, etc etc     


 Germany is not local........ and we have no business passing judgement on their educational choices...


Nor do we have any business telling a county in texas not to have sports or how to dress or not to pray....... or anything else.


The federal nonsense is a mess we will all end up like the southern states where there are two educational systems------- public and private...... because the federally dictated public is a failure...


This is an issue that is newer and more realistic in Kansas where local control is not so far back in history......   This pot of water has had the heat turned up on it gradually for a long time.