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Re: Free Speech - Will It Stifle Ag?

I have never met a bad teacher, I`ve heard about them in "other places" but all I`ve met have cared about kids and are competent.  This "evolution theory vs creation" debate, okay the problem is most people including preachers don`t understand creationism well enough that they should ever be teaching it. Evolution is a fantasy that as a student you have to play along with, with your fingers crossed behind your back to get that piece of paper from a higher learning establishment that says you are qualified to have a job that starting salary is $120,000.  So it`s a Kabuki dance that`s a damned mess...,learn to read and understand the Bible and that`s what you need and let the chips fall where they may.


But, I had teachers that at the time I didn`t like because they were hard on me and they were, but I came to realize they were the one`s that cared about me the most and saw through my natural "charm".  A Christian, biology teacher explained evolution as "living things change" and that is true, we sprayed Roundup on waterhemp for years and now we have super waterhemp  ....evolution Smiley Happy 


But there are "square pegs" that didn`t fit it, but there are opportunities for them now like a virtual high school.  I knew one gal that did that and concentrated on her figure skating and she`s no dummy.   But the social skills learned on the football field and volleyball court and prom king and queen are about as valuable as the classroom.