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Re: Free Speech - Will It Stifle Ag?

There lies the problem..... most everything folks complain about have nothing to do with education..... for the most part they are social issues.  


There was a remedy for a creationist school for Jim's family at the time.  They had the freedom to decide to make a change.  Choice was there...... They chose to educate in a different location.   Now that it is dictated from the federal gmt ,  The direction we have is to eliminate choices.  Education now is social engineering not teaching independent thought. 

I know a college history professor, today he is reading history books submitted for use by his classes by the college every summer.  Over the last few years he has rejected 2/3 of the material he has received for containing false accounts of actual historical events.  History gets rewritten as often as the definition of organic changes....  when the US government controls education.


Jim also seems to be comfusing the issue of private or public schools....... My original thought was that things were much better when public schools were locally directed.    


But education is not social or private, urban or rural, my opinion on the unseen or any opinion,.........  it is about using our brains to process information, to discern what is valuable information and what is not, to question what we read and hear, to improve communication, to make decisions based on research, science, math, physics, biology.......................... not having a friends network.

All the things we get our butt kicked in compared to other countries.

Education has nothing to do with liking our school or a good social network... or coddling to the whims of child or parent.  It is about presenting an opportunity to learn skills that prepare us for making a worthwhile contribution to society.  And leaving the responsibility for success  with the child and parent.  

Spend a few months interviewing and reviewing resumes and get a feel for the devaluation of an education in the US.   It has been a stark change in the last 30 years.       Social networking is the fatal virus of the technical age with it's overwhelming addiction.  


What % of the applying work force can understand herbicide labels and work the formula's to mix and spray in a farm field?   

What % of job applicants can ignore a cell phone during an interview?

What % of the work force can read a set of financial statements?   Or even know what they are?       I was taught in 9th grade basic math.

How many below the age of 40 know what a periodic table is?   Hint......... not a female health term.......   


There is nothing more depressing than  interviewing job applicants and seeing how little they learned in the process of getting that diploma.  

Or addressing a class of agriculture students at a junior college and getting a clue of how little basic education they have.