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Re: Free Speech - Will It Stifle Ag?

I think some schools have disciplinary problems and that is the parent`s fault, they dump off the little juvenile delinquents off and the only structure the kids see is the 7hrs at school.  When I was a kid, I wasn`t so much I was afraid of teachers or the big bad principle as much as I was afraid of my folks if they were ever told what trouble I would get in.  But looking back it wasn`t so much I was afraid of my folks as I didn`t want to disappoint them, so the trouble I would get in was minor enough they wouldn`t be called   Smiley Happy     But where kids don`t have the parents as a backstop, it`s a real mess. 


But there`s the "common core" crap where do-gooders want all the kiddos on the same page with liberal global warming crap and other fallacies of revisionism history.  There`s an old saying that "The winners of wars write the history books"  well, the last 50yrs a unbeknownst cultural war has been guess who`s now "writing the history books"?