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Re: Free Speech - Will It Stifle Ag?



There is no way to address that......... There is no way to devastate small communities and not the schools.  Which is better socially ----consolidation so there are kids in the class .... or keeping the doors open in a retirement community with no students...... It is all bad.

The 30 and 40 agers are just not raising families in small towns...... the way they used to.   jobs arent there..... at least not the ones they want.  And no small town in the area can afford the new school required for the consolidation......Property taxes go up as tax base drops...... 

Ag is temporarily looking to needy internationals with experience to fill voids and has been for a while..... But I keep interviewing locals and foreign temps and I am wondering if the demise of farming on small scale is possibly going to come from the fact that we aren't prepared to run a business.  Even a small one.  Even a paper route was better prep for farming than a doctorate in social media skills.


Our county seat is....... well claims to be....... 3200 population as it once was........... The new federal commanded day care center (preschool, food and checkups) took shape in a nice new building for the little future students.......

In a town that lost a lot of workforce when gas and oil automated and left the area.  The noon whistle still goes off.   We're still holding on to that.